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  • What is HyperUI?

    HyperUI is a collection of free Tailwind CSS components that can be used in your next project. With a range of components, you can build your next marketing website, admin dashboard, eCommerce store and much more.

  • Is HyperUI free?

    Yes, HyperUI is completely free to use. You can use it in your personal or commercial projects.

  • How do I use HyperUI?

    Browse the website for the components you need, copy the code and paste it into your project. Some components will have support for dark mode and Alpine JS variants.

  • How do I install HyperUI?

    There is no HyperUI installation, if you have a Tailwind CSS project, you can copy the code and paste it into your project. Some components do use Alpine JS.

  • Do I need to credit HyperUI?

    No, you do not need to credit HyperUI. However, it would be appreciated if you could star the project on GitHub and/or share it on Twitter.

  • How can I support HyperUI?

    You can support HyperUI by starring the project on GitHub and/or sharing it on Twitter. It helps me to know that people are using the project and it increases the visibility of the project.

  • How do I get Support?

    There is no official support for HyperUI. However, I am happy to help out. You can reach me on GitHub by creating an issue or discussion.

  • How do I contribute?

    You can contribute by adding new components, fixing bugs or improving the documentation. Please create an issue before starting any work.

  • How often is HyperUI updated?

    I update HyperUI frequently with new features, components and collections. You can follow the project on GitHub to keep updated.

  • How do I get updates?

    I no longer use Twitter, therefore the best way to get updates is by following the project on GitHub.

  • Why use HyperUI?

    I built HyperUI to boost my productivity when building projects and therefore, I created a set of components that are easy to customise. I hope you find it useful too.

  • HyperUI vs Tailwind UI?

    Tailwind UI is a premium set of components built by Tailwind Labs, creators/maintainers of Tailwind CSS. HyperUI is a free, open source set of components built by me.

  • Does HyperUI have React components?

    Components are written in HTML, but there is a JSX toggle that will convert the HTML to JSX. You can then copy the JSX into your React project.

  • Which version of Tailwind CSS does HyperUI use?

    HyperUI uses Tailwind CSS v3.4.3. If you are using a different version, you may need to make some changes to the code but these should be minimal.

  • I've copied the code, but it doesn't work?

    Check that you have the correct Tailwind CSS version installed, HyperUI uses Tailwind CSS v3.4.3. If you are still having issues, please create an issue on GitHub.

  • Does HyperUI have dark mode?

    Yes, some components have support for dark mode. You can toggle dark mode on/off. Not all components have support but this is being worked on.